6ixty8ight Website Revamp

6ixty8ight is all about being young, fresh and full of attitude. We created a web design that would symbolise 6ixty8ight as a fashionable brand which interprets the trends of youthful females, allowing them to view collections and make purchases.

The Challenge

As the fashion industry is fast paced and evolving, designs and collections change. Hence, Bray Leino Splash needed to create website development that would aid the client in making quick updates whilst maintaining the overall 6ixty8ight brand image of remaining youthful and fun. More than that, we needed to create engagement via brand information, product information, online campaigns as well as provide support through blog content.


The Approach

Whilst the visual design married fun with fashion in a youthful manner, the highlight was to showcase fashionable products and to ensure key information stood out. By incorporating a customisable and responsive layout with Magento systems, we successfully built an e-commerce website that made it easier for the target audience to select their choices and make their purchases.

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