Black and White Milk Facebook mini game

How do you make consumers instinctively think of your product with minimal hint?

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Black & White Milk wants to obtain top-of-mind recall among Hong Kong consumers, and wants to do so by utilising their Facebook page.

They also want this to be done via a HTML-5 mini game, with integration with Facebook API and mobile responsiveness.


We rode on the fame of the most popular Hong Kong drink of all-time that uses milk in its preparation - the Hong Kong–styled milk tea.

We created a "cooking mama"–styled Facebook mini-game that is HTML5-based, with full integration with Facebook's API and mobile-enabled.

The game teaches consumers how to prepare a cup of Hong Kong–styled milk tea. Strategic product placement can be found throughout the game tutorial, thus subtly conveying the message that Black & White Milk is best suited to make a cup of Hong Kong–styled milk tea.

Consumers could also save the entire tutorial to their Facebook profile, further amplifying the effect of this strategic product placement exercise.


  • Visual Design
  • Facebook App programming
  • Responsive Website front end