Citibank Citi Rewards Card Video

How do you bring to life the convenience and immediacy of getting cash rebates instantly into the hands of your customers?


The Citi Rewards programme is a mainstay of the Citi Credit Card proposition. It features a wide and varied multitude of lifestyle, dining, gadgetry and travel options as well as the ever popular cash rebates. 

With the enhancement of the delivery platform into mobile via SMS, we were tapping into a key insight of increasing the convenience and immediacy of getting cash rebates instantly into customers’ hands.



As part of the creative development process for the video animation, we focused our key messaging points around:

  • Redeem absolutely anything
  • Anytime, anywhere convenience
  • Simple, immediate redemption and enjoyment of rewards

In terms of the creative design, the visual elements on the screen are kept to a minimal. Set against the distinctive Citi Bluewave, the viewer’s attention is, at any one time, is simply focused on icons to represent the different rewards options, or a mobile handset screen.

Through a clear sequential narrative, the video opens with a cloud of floating icons to represent the multitude of rewards options and to communicate the idea of “Redeem absolutely anything” using the cash rebates. 

The viewer is then led through a step by step walk-through of how he/she can view their rewards points balance, and how to redeem the different cash rebates which are instantly credited via SMS. 

Accompanying the clean visuals, are a series of bold supers to help the viewer along the different messages communicated, as well as subtitles at the bottom of the screen to further aid understanding of the voiceover narrative.



  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual design
  • Video Animation


  • W3 Silver Award 2013: Branded Content - Promotional, Branding
  • Gold Award Winner at Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2015: Best Use of Mobile

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