Omega-9 Cooking Oil Promotion Campaign Dow

How do you use WeChat effectively to promote the health benefits of using Dow Omega-9 cooking oil and to drives sales online at launch?

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Dow is a diversified chemical company, using the power of science and technology, continuous innovation, to create a better life for human beings. Dow launched Omega-9 healthly cooking oil in China for the first time. How do we communicate the benefits of Omega-9 cooking oil and to generate demand for this product online?


Campaign started out with a teaser phase where we use Dow Wechat Official Account to post 6 cooking recipes. Each recipe ends with a teaser message to ask users to attend an online product launch. On the day of the product lanuch, we launched the Omega-9 cooking oil online with an interactive HTML5 page, with a link to e-commerce for purchase, so as to promote the sales of this product on the Internet. In order to increase campaign dissemination, users can send customize e-cards to friends to make wishes!


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Campaign ideation
  • Visual design
  • Copy writing​
  • Campaign Analytics


  • All 500 litres of Omega-9 cooking oil was sold out within half a day.
  • Within 2 days, the campaign landing page garnered 4,300 page views.
  • The campaign also bought more than 200 new followers for Dow WeChat in a week