Mount Elizabeth Hospital Responsive Website Revamp

How do you facilitate the delicate journey of a patient seeking treatment and healthcare services from a hospital’s perspective?


Our first brief was to undertake the website design of Mount Elizabeth hospital ( from the ground up, with a clear focus on User Experience. What followed was a month of intense online User research, one-on-one surveys and focus groups to understand how patients (both local and overseas), doctors and other medical professionals used the website to design the best user experience for them.



We enhanced both hospitals' websites content and features in the following ways:

  • Specialists are displayed within the description of medical conditions and treatments. 
  •  ‘Ask A Doctor’ feature, where website users can pose questions to doctors from within the medical conditions and treatment pages. These questions will be channelled to  Specialists within those respective departments.
  • ‘Share Articles’ features. This feature allows the site to muster the expertise of all 800 specialists to curate and share relevant medical content with website users.
  • We also enabled all of a doctor’s contributed content from ‘Ask A Doctor’ and ‘Share Articles’ to be displayed on the doctor’s enhanced CV page for website visitors to get a better sense of a doctor’s personality.
  • The entire approach was unveiled on a fully responsive website design built using the SiteFinity CMS platform.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Website design & revamp
  • User Research
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Site information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Responsive website design
  • SiteFinity CMS web build


  • 60% increase in time spent on the website
  • 40% increase in website traffic
  • 50% increase in online enquiries


  • W3 Silver Award 2014: General Website - Healthcare Services Category
  • W3 Silver Award 2014: Healthcare - User Experience
  • W3 Silver Award 2014: Healthcare - Visual Appeal

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