Scania 'The Journey of a Package'

11.11 (Double 11) Viral Video commemorating truck drivers and deliverymen across China.

The Challenge:

Scania, a Swedish automotive company, is one of the world’s most popular and premium heavy truck brands.  However, it is suffering from low brand awareness in China, with a reputation of being “an expensive, western brand not suitable for China.” Because of this, they commissioned Splash to help them increase their brand awareness and market penetration in China.


Our Approach:

In order to gain brand awareness with the Chinese general audience, it was imperative that we engaged them in a genuine way. Our copy team crafted a touching viral video, which followed the plight of a Chinese truck driver on a typical day at work. The video is meant to celebrate their dedication and importance to the E-commerce ecosystem, which people have come to take for granted– conveying to the end-consumers the importance of these road heroes. This indirect approach helped build soft-awareness and favorable word of mouth for Scania as an authentic, honest and well-thought-of brand.

Splash also facilitated a co-branding initiative, by collaborating with JingDong to shoot this video, which resulted in mutual beneficial success for both brands.

We launched this video strategically on 11.11, the busiest shopping event of the year.


What We Did:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Concepting
  • Video Scripting
  • Post Production Video Editing
  • Online Promotion
  • Social Media Content Support




  • Over 100,000+ video views on social media channels (organic growth)
  • 2017 Volkswagen China Brand Communication Award
  • Thousands of Weibo and WeChat page views

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