Families for Life Website Design and Development

How do you develop a government website that engages the general public with articles related to developing and maintaining healthy family relationships?


Families for Life, a council formed under the Ministry of Social and Family Development, aims to promote healthy and positive family relationships in Singapore.

The council needed a website to engage with the general public on developing and maintaining healthy family relationships.

However, such similar websites attract very little traffic. The team had the added challenge of attracting a large audience with more than just a beautifully crafted website.


To further promote traffic, we needed to do more than create engaging website design and experiences.The project required research to understand the types of content the target audience would search online.

A content strategy was built around the website, search marketing, website and Google analytics to understand popular content and the integration of social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


  • Google Keyword Research / Analytics
  • Website information architecture
  • Website design & revamp
  • Content Creation
  • Visual Design
  • Front end coding

other case studies.

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